All the DACs


Been looking at it for a couple of months but need to save a few pennies first.

The topping stack will stay and I hope to add the RME as extra.

I did start looking at the chord Qutest as I quite like the sound of the mojo but hate the design and battery life is annoyingly unpredictable. Then came across the RME, and then the denafrips Ares came to the party. However being as it will be used 95% for headphones the RME is still ahead.

Thanks for complicating things even further :neutral_face: :laughing:

The RME has quite a lot of lights on it.

Not that one that’s the studio version

This one

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Ah - I thought it looked a bit strike-hardened!

Yes, that other one is a lot easier on the eye.

And two headphone sockets, one especially setup for IEMs. It seems perfect for what I want. Just need the money.

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