All the Football (Part 2)

England back to nations league mode

I understand the need for patience but it looks like we’re trying to bore them to death. We seem to have no idea how to beat the press.


USA showing lots of energy and making it more difficult for England.

So when’s this pasting of USA going to start then?

At half time?

Roy telling troof

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USA should (and deserve to) be in front, England look terrified of making a mistake.

Need a fast start to the second half or we’re in danger of losing this.


Neither Mount nor Saka having a good night so far.

Or stirling.

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Would get mount sterling and saka off

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Are we playing with 12 defenders?

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Southgate probably waiting to go one down before he subs

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Such a passive manager.

Where’s my Euros rant?

He’s about to bring Henderson on ffs

Beaky needs to change it and quickly.

Just what we need acshully.

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and Grealish.

Saka and Bellingham off I reckon.

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Ok, Sterling and Bellingham then

Right they are starting to look knackered now,go for it,and get Foden on

Why the fuck is Gallagher not on? This game is crying out for him

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