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One moment that did make me feel slightly nauseous was seeing an obviously well refreshed Mad Nads lurching about in the royal box while thinking she was dancing artistically to Sweet Caroline & 3 Lions. Ugh.

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Looking forward to seeing your video of the lovely Nadine in action. :wink:

I wouldn’t Inflict that on any one while they might be eating lunch.

A few pics from yesterday.

surprising heat from these.

Daly throw going forward

Lap of honour

Felt a bit sorry for the German girls who hung around on the pitch far longer than necessary.

It was an interesting atmosphere. Normally womens matches are quite genteel affairs with lots of children present. Plenty there yesterday too but also blokes ready to shout and swear as things got tense which hasn’t been the case at the FAWC games I’ve been to. Although it’d be nice for the attendances generally to go up, I’d hope the ugly side doesn’t emerge and put parents off taking youngsters especially young girls. It also still shocks me to have learned that when the men won in 1966, the FA’s ban on women playing or even using pitches was still in place after 45 years.


You can take the girl out of Sunderland but…


I was watching this with my son. I felt an immense sense of pride when I said to him - “she’s from Sunderland.”

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Best story I heard from yesterday came from Mrs. She and my two girls were in London and came back on the Tube surrounded by the hordes headed for Wembley.

They were sat next to a Dad and two boys heading for the match, while all they discussed was burger v hotdog and whether they’d be allowed to eat in their seats who’d have thought 10 or 20 years ago that that scene might play out on the way to a girls match! Fantastic

Hopefully this’ll help all women’s sport to kick on


When you look at the national side rankings,England did a great job.

Hopefully they will be able to give the US a good game if we meet in the next World Cup

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The Bacardi Bruiser carried on long after the rest of them had sat down

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They must’ve been gutted when all players took the knee before kick off too.


Foreign investment into my little old club.

See the premier league or FA ( can’t recall which ) are dropping the taking of the knee at all but high profile games.
I noticed at our game against Barnsley on Saturday all players except one room the knee. A black Barnsley player.


Getting a tingle in the pants for the new season now.

Strong feeling this won’t be another 90+ point season for the eventual winner. Strong transfer window for Arsenal and Spurs and a winter World Cup. I can see more teams taking points off each other.

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Some really good looking signings been made by teams. Should be a good season.

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Chelsea sign Cucurella from Brighton.

Absolutely mental fee.


Bit like the one they paid for a big headed 18 year old from Villa - £20m :rofl:

Another one in the loan bin…