All the Football (Part 1)

If you want to talk about Brazilian footie, you know where to go :+1:

Even if it is at Anfield, I think next Monday’s game against the arse will be a stiffer test than yesterday :thinking:

Arsenal are still far from the real deal at the moment, and will be for a few seasons yet. We are much better, but you will still be favourites…

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They were a bit fortunate against the Hammers.

Maybe, because Anfield, but will be closer than yesterday I reckon.

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Hope so :grinning:

Gallant attempt by Wolves, but shitty had their way in the end… :worried:

Sheffield United’s away kit…:nauseated_face:


Man Cities away kit :woozy_face:

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I watched the Villa game on a big TV. The City game I watched on an iPad mini so the City shirt was sufficiently indistinct to just lead me to go WTF? That Peach / Salmon pink gear though…should have a 12 point deduction for inducing nausea on the Nation.

my bad, apparently it is their 3rd kit

I thought Paisley was in Scotchland :laughing:

Sweeeeet baby Jeeebus that mings.

They ran out of pattern material for the back methinks.

Did you see Leeds 1st strip it look as though the whole side were wearing vests underneath.

Mendy having medical in Berlin as Chelsea agree fee with Rennes.

I hope Rennes increased the price after the weekend’s goings on.

I think they all are.

It’s the sports bra type that hold the electronic monitoring devices.

I quite like that. I look forward to Argyle wearing a version of that in a season or two.

Already agreed £24m + £6m add on’s. :stuck_out_tongue: