All things Cheshire (aka you can't buy class)


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Needs a V12 or bigger to be taken seriously but I like the styling.

The extra pictures make it look even shitter, which is impressive.

What the actual fuck is going on at the back?

Your mobile detailer is going to hate those wheels. £500 to clean them, and that’s cheap,

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2 litre V12?

It is a milk float. Do you mean 12V as that might make it moar betterer than it currently is…

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It would appear modern day malcontents are opting to model themselves on Ming the merciless. The trend has been dismaying Mr. MWS for some time. Often paired with fake lashes, orange skin and a duck pout, the ‘H.D Brow’ as it is known, frames vapid vanity in both men and women alike. I am pleased to note I have never ventured to Cheshire, the mind garden conjures such imagery I fear hate would be the only thing H.D I would take from the gaf.

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Known locally as ‘scouse brow’, should tell you all you need to know about scouseland.

The Manc-ini so aptly named :grinning: whichever way you spell it.