All your science in here


They’re all female.


That’s correlation. I’m after causation. Good point though.





Another knotty problem


Ach, forced to think if his brother can do it, so will he.

Stronzetto will wear ten top hats, in my fevered imagination. Ever more taunting.


Confused or informed? I’'m indeterminate.


Even one top hat is alarming enough.


Truly awe inspiring. Took my mind off me back for ten mins.

Mind, I reckon some is faked as looks like Redcar to me.


Nah, Redcar had much more rubbish on the beach decades ago.

[Truly aside, I do enjoy this dry commentary. And the pictures.]


You can now download Steven Hawking’s PhD thesis.

May just do that.


You should be able to access anybody’s PhD via inter-library loan, if not electronically. It is quite interesting to read the PhD and compare it to the published papers. Quite often the two are very different due to the influence of the referees on how the argument is prosecuted in the papers and the effect of an editor on the prose.






Tis weird shit.

My Grandfather could find water this way and helped a load of farmers in the North of NZ. He didn’t ever charge, felt it was some sort of gift and preferred to just help out.

My folks asked him if there was water under a new property they’d bought and he used a wire coat hanger as it was handy. We were hanging around so I had a go, nothing happened. While I still had the wire he put his hands on my shoulders and the coat hanger instantly twisted downward. Not subtle, it was as if the wire was trying to wrench itself out of my hands, can remember the feeling like it was yesterday though it was 30+ years ago.

Very bizarre, disconcerting even

More wanky wire mysteries…


Liquid oxygen is magnetic. Who knew?

p.s. This post is in no way related to the water divining guff.


fixt for accuracy





I have no idea why I watched this as I got lost at 1=2

Apparently mathematicians are not weird, they are really really valid

It is quite long, but finite.