All your science in here


Went out with a girl who painted her Datsun cherry in pink hammerite.

Great days.


Wondering if euphemism…


I smashed it into a wall by Ramsgate harbour and we had to get the train home to London,went down well.:+1:




So yes, it is a euphemism then…


cover it with honey


Jazz vs Classical brain


" Interestingly, the classical pianists performed better than the others when it came to following unusual fingering


MWS picked up on this ‘hidden gem’… Quite likely he will run with it in another failed attempt to actually have imaginary gumbo.



I know it’s a stunt, but I love the idea of this:


Live feed here:


Looking increasingly unlikely to go ahead due to wind speed in the upper atmosphere. Current hoped launch time is 22:45 GMT and the available window closes at 23:00 GMT


I also like the fact that the next one up from the Falcon Heavy is the BFR - Big Falcon Rocket. Apparently quite a lot of people think the F stands for something else.



When I did my brief stint in the networking department at Uni there was the BPR - Big Purple Router.


Bay Networks or Netgear?


I seem to recall it was a Foundry Networks BigIron somethingorother. It was the primary router for the entire university and I think was operating a 2Gbps connection, around 10 years ago.

They were in the process of upgrading it to a Juniper router (and vast numbers of Juniper routers and switches) all across campus, which was the project I was involved with.


Live feed is on, they’re fuelling up the vehicle. Once they’re fuelled up, launch can’t be delayed, looks like it’s going to happen!


Fingers crossed for a good launch - exciting stuff :+1:


Watching live feed on You Tube now :+1: