All your science in here


Like what, pray tell?



KK used to do a radio spot on JJJ for several years. He made science accessible for your average Joe. One of the most asked questions was “ how does female ejaculation work?” It was the one that always stumped him.




Just burn them.,8599,1941230,00.html


We are one monstrously wasteful species…


But I need the power for my class A amplifiers.


No problem with that - it just vexes me to think of meat going to waste, yet try as I might, I can’t eat it all…


It’s not wasted if you burn it for power.

Or make jerky, it’s so over priced there must be a market for mass amounts of it.


Think I’ll buy a copy of this book. The application of modern sequencing methods to ancient DNA looks fascinating.


I can see the appeal of sending US produced hormone enriched beef & chlorinated chicken straight to the furnaces over there rather than inflicting it on European consumers. But as you say, it does seem a bit wasteful.


As opposed to the water & hormone injected pork or eggs with chemicals in to make the yoke more yellow and the shells stable, or extra pink salmon we generate in this country.


You might be right about the egg yolks. A family friend is in the agricultural feed supplies business. I was talking to him about the lovely orange yolks our free ranging hen produces & he said that any egg producing hen farmer can nowadays choose a feed to give whatever colour yolks they want to get.

Farmed salmon is pretty shit & I tend to avoid it, don’t know about pork production.


I worked for many years for a very large chemical company, believe me most targeted feeds have something in.


Apart from being endangered, the breathing through its rude bits feature suggests that it could be the ideal AA mascot.


Most of us here are or should be on the endangered list.


Also, he looks like Keith out of the Prodigy.

The boy is a shoo-in.


It saddens greatly me that there’s something of a lurch back to industrial food production in this country after some years of progress towards better husbandry - this is much favoured by both agribusiness and supermarkets, who in turn lobbied for Brexit on the basis that the inevitable rise in food prices will make it easier for the public to accept poorer animal husbandry just so long as the shitty food they love stays cheap - good for everyone in the chain’s profit-margins.

Yolk colour comes from a mix of diet (chlorophyll and iron compounds from live insects caught by free-range birds) and welfare, most especially exposure to natural sunlight. I sincerely hope nocunt on here is buying battery-farmed eggs…


From my dad’s allotment and still covered in bird shit. :+1: