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…and not a massive increase in price either. I’ll have a look at Hatton Hill.


Indeed. I saw this work in progress a long time before the patent was applied for. I couldn’t talk about it though.



Laser shocks on the clubs and graphene in the balls! :scream: What could be a better use of technology!

Now how about helping me find the ball in the rough? Got to be an app on my phone for that? (Or my caddie’s phone!) :grin:


The guy I knew there had I don’t now how many layers of management above him, extending right to the very top of a huge US aerospace multinational. He said that up to that point the interest in his work had petered out in any real sense just a few layers up. He was making the organisation proper money, and promising to make them more in the future (aircraft engine turbine blades need re-working sometimes and they are surprisingly expensive). But when word got out about the golf clubs he started to get visits from people so senior that they’d never even visited the plant, let alone my mate’s lab. And they weren’t interested in possible business developments - it seems the golf authorities are pretty quick to ban any technological process that gives some players an advantage over others. No. They just wanted to get some of these clubs for their own personal use. Which, of course, they did.



Very true, it makes sense in a way Golf courses were built all over the world with certain yardages in mind for par 4s and 5s etc. If the equipment gets too advanced the courses are no longer a challenge so it is easier to limit the tech than try and alter thousands of courses.

A similar thing happened in Athletics with the Javelin, athletes were starting to throw it out of the arena, as they couldn’t rebuild every stadium they changed the rules. In 1984 the world record was over 100 metres so they changed the spec to get it back down to 85 metres. By 1991 it was back up to 98 metres so they changed the rules again. otherwise sooner or later a spectator was going to be speared!


That might have increased the revenue from viewing figures though :+1:


Oh my!


That’ll bugger up University Challenge




Someone is working out how to get adverts on there.


Porn, someone will already have watched porn on this.


It’s not in his head though. He’s mouthing the question and the gizmo is reading his tiny muscle movements. An AI system (not the guy in the video) then goes online and gets the answer. Then the AI system whispers the answer into his ear by bone conduction. It’s very clever, but it’s a quasi-audio interface not a Vulcan mind-meld one. And as for porn … well there’s a voice in your ear saying “He’s got fantastic pecs and a huge dick” which might not be quite what you’re after.




and if you swallow at an inopportune moment, you’ll order a years supply of cat litter


The latest of a series of articles I’ve stumbled across which demonstrate that both Lamarck and Darwin were right about evolution…


On the subject of evolution -


“thevintagenews” is full of clickbait-tier woefully inaccurate picturesque nonsense - approach all you read there with great circumspection!

It’s nearly 20 years since evidence began to suggest Morocco as a likely source for very early “early-modern human” remains, and the search has been repeatedly fruitful. It’s as much due to a richness of appropriate sites and a climate likely to preserve material as anything - finding anything at-all anywhere at-all is a borderline miracle given our early ancestors were literally a rare animal!

Human origins are a fabulously complex and diverse patchwork extending over half the world, with likely different times and points of origins for different distinct populations (fruitful material for those who want to make hay with topics concerning racial differences, though thankfully beyond the grasp of such low-IQ thugs).

Better but still readable account of the 300Ka material here:


I have no expertise in this field



That doesn’t stop me talking about politics.



I don’t have much, also, this is the reason for the link to a better news source. TVN really is shit.