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at least their writing team has a balance of science-trained and science-interested journos.



Which is why I cite them as a useful secondary source.



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Well, it’s one more bit of evidence reducing the space that a hidden variable explanation could occupy. But their crunch admission comes towards the end:

Of course, this Big Bell Test isn’t perfect. Humans are governed by the laws of physics in the same way as all other objects. Indeed, we are simply complex machines, no different in principle from any other machine that can twiddle dials and change experimental settings.

So human free will has no special status in the universe, and if hidden variable theory governs the universe, it must also govern our free will too. In that case, human will would not be free but ultimately governed by a deterministic system of hidden variables.

So the Big Bell Test doesn’t close all the loopholes. But it does suggest that if there is a deeper reality beneath quantum mechanics, it will not be accessible to us.

So what of the original question: Do certain physical events have no cause?

The Big Bell Test provides an answer, albeit of a conditional variety. The answer is this: if humans have free will, then some physical events have no cause.

On the other hand: if we don’t, then they could have one.



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A tree will do it for a couple of quid, it will take 40 years mind. I thought Canada would have the whole tree thing wrapped up.:slight_smile:


So what you’re saying is that we need to build huge horn speakers to lock up that carbon? :heart_eyes:


Find your whereabouts in Pangaea.

Enter postcode on map.


Developments ii battery power with graphene supplementation.
Shame it’s not a British firm that is getting in first’


The article claims:

The Australian-Turkish team discovered more than expected: 10 billion trillion trillion tonnes of gloop, or enough for 40 trillion trillion trillion packs of butter.

Must be unsalted given the toxicity :smirk:. Decent way of getting rid of that unsalted shite when you think about it. Fire it into the Milky Way.


i wondered what happened to the European butter mountain


Longest-lasting total lunar eclipse of the 21st century - next Friday evening


Looking forward to this



The astronomers do big these things up, but the devil is in the detail. If the weather’s good then you should get a good view Paul, given where you are. But the moon doesn’t rise until nearly 9pm and we’ll already be into totality by then. Totality ends at 22:13 by which time the moon will still be quite low in the sky. So if one’s got tall buildings or hills to the south-east of one, or significant urban skyshine low in the sky, then one might want to find somewhere with a more unobstructed/darker view.