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How to pick a lock with Gallium.




I’m watching it right now - 5 minutes in.


Had never even heard of gallium before.


Mercury does something similar. A mercury (or I guess gallium) spill on an aircraft is an absolute nightmare in terms of continued certification of the airframe’s integrity.



You can buy it on amazon - imagine smearing some on a car with an aluminium body or putting it in the oil?


Especially if the car was an important status symbol for getting approval from all your lovely relations, maybe?


I was aware of Mercury’s reaction with aluminium, but not gallium. Gallium has the advantage that it’s not toxic.


… but the disadvantage that it is a solid unless you can get it into a warm part of the vehicle or unless the weather’s the way it has been here recently.



Well, yes, if you’re using it to sabotage stuff, lol. Engines get warm, though. :smile:


Engine bays get warm enough too, if you wanted to get at the bodywork. I guess that these days almost all engines have enough alloy parts that they’re vulnerable, and perhaps the moving nature of some of them can break the oxide layer too ?



Gallium’s a lovely golden colour too. An ampule of it will change phase in your hand.



Can you name me anything you eat that hasn’t gone through the evolutionary process?


Salt. But pretty sure that’s it.


If you’re allowing flavourings, colourings, preservatives etc then MSG, quite a few of the E numbers and almost all the vanilla.

When we visited China we ate quite a lot of stuff which really hadn’t evolved very far.



True dat.
Except the overall composition of mammalian blood has a salinity closely equivalent to the oceans, suggesting it’s had quite a hand in shaping the process.


As I am yet to eat a redneck, no.


I’m OK with evolution. Monsanto and the like can get to feck for economic rather than dietary reasons. The parenting of genes and GM seed are crass exploitation in the extreme. And that is before I get the radge on about The monopoly pricing policy those feckers employ.