All your science in here


Patenting (Freudian slip ?).



Over chum this morning Stronzetto began to recount his family history and his ties to the dark star… fucking little idiot


There’s two very different subjects in this. There’s the general safety of GMO crops as a whole (looks pretty safe) and then the arseholish behaviour of big agricultural firms.


Yep. Still not considering buying any. I was pointing out the subtle differences between GM mods and evolution…

As you were, nothing to see here.


At least he thinks he knows how to have solipsistic fun. :partying_face:




Got Sam a book on the Periodic table on Sunday (2 pages per element), should keep him occupied for a while :slight_smile:


Do they all get 2 pages ? There are a lot of transition metals that are pretty much of a muchness. Nice to see they can spell aluminium though :grin:.



I can highly recommend this series of videos on Youtube done by my old tutor Prof. Martyn Poliakoff. There are over a million subscribers to this.


You don’t think I’ve actually read it do you?!

In seriousness, I had a flick and it seemed to be a page of text and an image page in general…


Ah nice one, I shall point him in the general direction :+1:


Not for Brexiteers - they’ll be ever more convinced we should leave a union with Switzerland. :slightly_smiling_face:


No mention of it’s utility in breath-holding devices yet.





It is a genuinely remarkable sequence but I’d be interested to know what’s actually going on, in particular what’s driving what seems to be the somewhat ordered diagonal motion of the ‘snow’ (which isn’t really snow) as it ‘falls’ (which it isn’t really doing). There’s no atmosphere on this comet, so it isn’t being blown by wind, and what little gravity there is is really, really weak, and surely pointed towards the centre of the comet, not up and to the left. Curious.



Yes, it’s quite baffling.


She explains it further down the thread, most of what you’re seeing is actually the background of stars, and their “motion” is actually caused by the rotation of the asteroid. The rest of it is caused by cosmic rays impacting on the imaging system, and dust particles.


Yeah, I read that. Basically all the dots and blobs that are moving downwards and whose relative positions are fixed are the background star field. I don’t know what direction I’d expect the cosmic rays to be travelling in. In open space they travel in all directions. On the surface of the earth we’re shielded from the ones that would be coming from below by the earth itself, so they appear to be coming only from above and from the sides. But they come from all sides and all ‘upper’ angles equally. In the photo sequence though there are quite a few bright dots moving in roughly the same diagonal direction. I assumed they were the dust and ice (i.e. ‘snow’). I’m just curious how it comes to be a diagonal direction rather than, say, towards the comet centre.