All your science in here


Jewsons softwood plywood is 8’ x 4’

Their OSB3 is 1200 x 2400

So one of the largest merchants in the country sell sheets in imperial, metric and a mixture of the two. Work that one out!


Being a youngen I only knew metric; until I spent 5 years in the states, now my brain is broken.

40 thou to the mm gets me by though :slight_smile:


Also the reason some people still use imperial and set them at 16" or 24" centres :smile:


Not on site.


I disagree.

What if you’re working on an old house? 1200 x 2400 would be useless too.

You can’t have it both ways :wink:


If you are working on an old house (not sure what qualifies as old) the joists etc could be all over the place so you would have to cut anyway. I know at one time ply was imperial and plasterboards were metric so however you spaced the joists you were fucked. Anyway millimetres must be easier than 8ths, 16 ths, 32 nds etc?


Only if you’re not used to working with them. I don’t find it inconvenient at all.


Ed Zachary. Much, much easier.


being a bit olderer we were taught both, so for lengths I can think interchangeably. For weights I am ok with both but have to think a bit harder, but for liquid volumes I struggle with imperial (apart from a pint)


Even more awkward when the US gallon and pint are different.



Surveyors commonly used chains for measuring distances. The most famous of these was developed by the English mathematician Edmund Gunter (1581–1626). The links of Gunter’s chain were each 7 92/100 inches long. One hundred links gave it a total length of 792 inches, 66 feet, or 22 yards. Not a sensible number if you ask me, but then I don’t play cricket. The distance between wickets on a cricket pitch is 22 yards.

Useful for irregular plots and cricket pitches. 7 and 92/100ths inch :thinking:

Further reminders of the archaic systems here.


I remember reading that architects and artists (and builders) prefer a system which divides exactly into thirds.




The fuckton covers all eventualities.


as in a fuckton or a metric fuckton,


Turdulisoma cf turdulorum millipede


Name it after Clint Eastwood


has anyone got any spare cat litter or tin foil, apparently a solar shit storm is heading our way…

and even the Maybot isn’t stubborn enough to resist…


Tonight on R4

Among other things, they’ll be discussing the redefining of the kg :smile:


I’ll listen out, although Mrs VB’s brother and sister-in-law will be showing up at some point which will likely cause my concentration to fade into the whisky-laden mire …

I see from the blurb that “Meteorologists from across the world have just voted to update the metric system”. That’ll be metrologists then.