All your science in here


Worse things can happen…


Furlongs are the only measure that matters.:+1:


Says one who nose.




Who’s the favourite for the worst Jim’s ionic wind quip?


Trillion fps photography! Last minute of video is ads.


Well, they’ve managed to land it safely


Fantastic !


Definite hifi applications here.


Latest betting on who will include ‘quantum fractals’ in their sales pitch

Nordost 4/6
Russ Andrews 7/4
Hart Audio 2/1
Van Den Hul 5/1


Come on Focal has to be it.


Machina Dynamica.


I know there are more important things happening atm, but I was sad to read this




that’s like producing something out of Alien…


yes it is sad. We had some of our students contribute and the project did a lot of good in promoting engineering in schools. But I am not entirely surprised, and in many senses it was a vanity project.

I understand they were looking for an injection of £25m, but I suspect that wouldn’t have been the last of it - a money pit I think.



Growing tatties on the dark side of the moon.


Microbiome even deeper than @Jim’s gut


Wow! The planet just got a whole lot more crowded than we realized.