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It rather seems that Watson has reached the ga-ga stage.

What an odd scientific couple.
Francis Crick goes on to classify dreaming as neurological rubbish emptying time. Strange, when Watson stumbled into realizing the double helical structure of DNA in a dream.
Watson goes on to show that however “objective” scientists believe themselves to be, profound culturally-conditioned racism can out when that mask falls.

Well done Rosalind Franklin.


Science I can understand.


Perhaps an insight into Alzheimer’s?


In the beginning was the fart… :grinning:

Quite long, but 7:25 to 13:00 covers the meat of how an acoustic imprint shows up in galaxy distributions, and how this remains constant through observable time.



An excellent and hopeful report, thanks for posting


I read this as a reply to BobC’s insect report :joy:




One minute we’re being told that insects are the great new super food that we’ll all be eating and then we learn there aren’t any left.

Then the Sun tells us if we don’t do Brexit we’ll be forced to eat puppies & kittens.


A diet of Uncle Ben’s & Mr Kipling is all that’s safe.


Except for our Brexit overlords, Rees-Mogg, Fox et al, who, with their off-shored moolah, will be lording it over us with their muffins.


The collapse of the insect population is, of course, the end of times. By far, the most effective and simplest take on the situation I’ve seen to date is this…

I’m not sure if a solution can be found, unless we can find an answer to the biggest threat to the entire planet.



We will find a solution. It just may not be the one we like!


I suspect with suitable application of GMOs, it’s actually avoidable without having to resort to any kind of dystopian nightmare level population control.

The biggest challenge is public perception of GMOs, largely fuelled by ignorant dipshits on the internet, but not helped by the fact that a lot of GMO work is done by companies who already have a pretty fucking bad rep on things likes pesticides and other agri-fuckwittery in the name of profits.


If we want to lower the birth rate to a sustainable level isn’t the most effective way to transform people’s lives so that they’re more like those ‘enjoyed’* in the first world ? If so then there could well be a viable long term future for us. The problem is how we get from here (too many people messing up the planet) to there.


*It isn’t clear to me whether the main driver for low birth rates in the first world is that we no longer need a load of kids to ensure that there are plenty of people to look or after us when we’re old (a comfort, and so A Good Thing) or that enjoying a good standard of living depends on bringing in two salaries, so neither adult in a couple can easily afford to spend their twenties having children and much of their thirties bringing them up (a stress, and so perhaps A Bad Thing). And there are always exceptions of course (Jacob Rees-Mogg, Jamie Oliver, my mate Graham).


GMOs are surely just a short term fix though. The global population increased more than 400% over the 20th century. How is that sustainable if the trend continues?


The research I’ve seen on high pops suggest they are sustainable. The current problems we face are down to our voracious appetite for intensively farmed animals. This more than anything contributes to climate and ecological fuckery.

I don’t think the developed world is necessarily ready to move to a largely vegetarian diet and would probably prefer to eat itself to extinction.


Soylent green.



blimey! thats big, wouldn’t like that to sting me - wonder how big its hive is?

If a normal bee produces a thimble of honey, this fucker must be producing it by the bucket


Every night, with the youngest I do facts - she chooses a subject, and I tell her about it. Usually with in depth help from Wikipedia (I use it so much now I even give them a few quid a month!)

Her choice tonight was the mantis shrimp. She had seen about it on a TV programme. Check out Wikipedia and read about its eye:

Really sophisticated system for seeing circularly polarised light, and much more. Dafuq? Amazing things.