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A new twist on allergies - worrying for meat-men


Maybe it’s not dead, after all.


Q: How do you make a small fortune building a speed record breaking car?

A: Start with a large one.



Sounds a bit like being a hifi dealer :grin:





Neodymium magnets…


I remember Nd magnets showing up at work, maybe 20 years ago now. We had some roughly 35mm square by 6mm thick. Our office workspace was divided up using steel panel partition walls and at one point a mate of mine casually stuck one of the magnets onto his office wall. We tried all sorts of ways of getting it off. But it was still there when I quit work years later. I reckon that if we’d really wanted to get it off we would have had to start drilling and/or cutting the panel.



You wonder whether these two magnets could have been put either end of a vertical, perforated 6" pipe with a cylinder of ice between them & then left in a warm room!


Cunning. A small tilt on either magnet would make it prone to wedging in the pipe though.



The same sort of magnets are used in old fashioned disk drives (rotating platter ones rather than SSD) mainly the server drives. Used to collect the little buggers, really difficult to separate.


Yes. Some of the magnets in later speakers are now extremely strong too. When the inner one on one of my NS1000 midrange units broke free from its backing plate and shifted sideways onto the steelwork I tried to prise it off using a large screwdriver. I could chip bits of the magnet itself off but I couldn’t detach the whole thing.



One of the ETF-ers, Dietmar, makes his own speaker drivers and uses very large Nd magnets. He told me he ended up in hospital twice due to losing control of them!


He still had the bandages on his fingers. Commitment. :open_mouth:



Just watched that. Brilliant fun. I want some!


:thinking: :joy:


Haha…@coco will be pleased :laughing:


Get rid of the lowest 10%, so more can take their place? There will always be a range of talents and abilities, what an idiot.

The only appropriate system that can really work is for defects to be remedied by the state. Enhancements will come in due course, some genetic, and it will get complicated. Lots of sci-fi has a field day with this; it’s exciting, but the learning process will be often chilling, I imagine.

It’[s surprising that a scientist of his stature seems to all “just do it” when the consequences and side effects could be dramatic. It’s complicated.