Also, slide scanner

Any recommendations for a scanner for slides?

No problems if it’s manual and slow - I have time.

I can see Kodak and the obvious Chinese candidates on Amazon, but perhaps someone has direct experience.

It would be great if it did Super 8 as well. Or does anyone have experience of a Super 8 transfer service?

I have one of these, which works well although the various dust/noise reduction modes to take an age on each slide.
Nice and easy to use though.

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I have a thingy that I bought and never used,
Pretty basic.
I will hook it out tomorrow .
Happy to send it to you.
It might help work out what is or isn’t good enough for what you need,

That would be ace, thank you.

Obviously I will put something in the forum pot.

This is great!

The software is quite vintage, but works just fine.

FiL as a 23 year old in 1962

He died in 1992 I think.


Nice photo, and looks a bit like a young Tony Hadley.

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He was a good-looking man in his day - 6’2"

I’m not going to spam the forum to bits, but I liked this one too. I think fashions have changed a bit for 18-year-old Ulstermen. Donaghadee 1957.


It turns out that the wife forwarded that picture to her family WhatsApp group (I’m not on it - way too noisy) and BiL said exactly the same.

Mind you, thinking the same thing as Gino is not necessarily a good thing.

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