AMG Lottery Win Time

I can see why you might need a lottery win. Buying all that Fugly couldn’t be cheap.

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Even for that much Fugly that is taking the piss…

I would imagine for that amount of money a '96 or '97 Astra cabriolet would be in reach


Surely that top less body would never withstand the massive torque from the Astra engine, it would end up like a cork screw!

I didn’t realize she was topless

That air intake on the roof is hilarious :joy:

That’s not an air intake, it’s a convertible, FFS !

Meh…no wankel engine, I is disappoint :frowning:

WANKel - sums up the rotary engine for me.

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That looks like a Maserati Merak.

Does a bit :+1:


She? I thought that was @stu in his younger days…when he had hair :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a Merc, so (a) is fucking hideous and (b) will drive like a pig in treacle.

McLaren want their car back…

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What have @Jim and @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi got to do with those cars then?

I’ll give you a present in a minute :angry: