Amp rec for tannoys

Can anyone rec a ss amp for old 10” tannoy dual concentric upto £350?

A pair of Gakuons should do it.



Thought £350? was actually £350k - sorry :wink:


I’ve run my Cheviots (12” DC) quite happily with a baby Rotel 930ax. They don’t need loads of power. A denon pma350 was ok too and I use a Yamaha AV amp these days and that works well.

I’ve also used a 180w HH s500d and 14w valve monos. I would say they aren’t fussy. I can’t imagine the 10s are fundamentally different…

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Krell, but you need to video them catching fire


Where’s Vanessa when you need her? Up a back alley with her tights round her ankles I guess…

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In the shadow of the shiny propellor methinks …


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Which 10" tannoys? Are they Golds or HPDs, 80s Plastic ‘T’ series etc?

Golds and HPDs are great with PP valves, EL34 and EL84 with the Golds. HPDs may need a little more power but ~20wpc+ should be fine.
EDIT - just seen SS is a requirement, then maybe a cheap Sugden A21 at a push, or maybe something Gainclone based?

The later ‘T’ series are a bit lower efficiency again so I would imagine anything SS would be fine, I used some with a Bryston B60 and a Rega Brio-R which was ample.

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What about:


Now sorted with a rotel

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