Amplifier ideas

As much as I like my current setup I think a different amp might be in order. I’ve been switching between my Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 & Maker Audio NL14+ monoblocks. I like aspects of each but neither has everything I want. The S2 takes less space, cost less to run and is easier to operate. The monoblocks sound a bit better but I always have to be double careful when operating the system as they are fed directly from the dac via it’s built in pre-amp. Pressing the wrong combo of buttons cost me the first pair of speakers when I accidentally sent the full signal in to the 325 Watts per channel amps.
I think I want an integrated amp, that has enough power to drive 91db speakers (Cube Audio Nenuphar) and gives some body to the music. I like the idea of the Aries Cerat Genus that’s for sale at Nintronics. I’d have to sell both amps and my Art Audio Diavelo / BP power supply combo as well to get anywhere near what Nintronics want.

Any thoughts on other amps that might work with my speakers?

How much power do you need? They seem to be fairly efficient. Pass Labs?

I don’t need a great deal of power. Both current amps have way more than required. I can’t recall ever hearing a Pass Labs amp.

I don’t think you would be disappointed.
There are a few owners on the forum.
Maybe try and borrow one, or even one of his kit amps.

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If you’re anywhere handy to Liverpool I use a Pass Labs pre (XP20) and matching XA100 Monod. Feel free to drop in.

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Thanks Ólan, sadly that’s quite a way off from where I live.

Nice looking speakers (had to Google them).
The Pass INT-60 looks a good match.

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This mahoosive Vitus can be used as an integrated or power amp.


That is big!

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Audio Consultants have a Luxman L509 x-dem for sale. Should think that would do a nice job on the Cube


This is a lovely amp.

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I’ve sent him a message to ask what he wants for them, but having had a quick read up I think it’ll be too much!

I was also interested in the Esoteric F-03A at Central Audio but Tony said he can’t do P/X on that :frowning:

I was thinking of just the amp, for you.

If the Esoteric in ballpark - something from the Luxman Class A integrated line would definitely be worth a look I think.

Personally I love a bit of Moon gear, but I suspect that’s not going to be to your tastes here.

I definitely think something Pass Labs would be worth checking out too as others have suggested.

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It never works like that though does it? :slight_smile:

I’ve had a look and would say the Int 25 is a contender.

This is in all ways a LOT of amplifier, and not much more than 1/4 of its new price.

I’ve loved the sound of every M-D product I’ve heard, and would be tempted myself if I hadn’t spaffed a fair bit recently…


This is the cube audio nenuphar playing through an Aries Cerat system with the AC dac. Recorded it when I visited someone in Dubai. Separately heard it with first watt SIT and line magnetic 45 in another system too

Do you have any videos with a Quad 909? They are a very innovative design, and I think they may go well with some of the horns in the excellent videos you post.


No - I chanced on this thread googling for Jim’s latest amp - the Art Audio _ Border Patrol PSU.

I saw that Rick sold it because he might want to get the AC amps with his Cube Audio.

Personally, given the budget, and having heard the Nenuphar with multiple amps, I would sell the Nenuphar, keep the Art Audio and get a suitable speaker.

Single driver is noble in concept - difficult to implement. You either need to buy the giant Yamamura horns, or the Pnoe with AER BD/4 and 5 and set them up particularly with the right gear, which even in the used market will exceed 100k.

Otherwise, simply go for a more efficient Altec or Tannoy instead of a single driver.

I put the video on as the lack of sonics is audible.