Amsterdam recommendations?

And if all gets a bit much, Haarlem is a 20 train ride out and has a nice square and calm vibe , plenty of places for food

In Amsterdam we always have a meal at gusto ,a small italian just off nieuwmarket

This is nice for breakfast , just off the singel canal, and it’s a nice area for strolling if you head in the direction of Jordaan

Le Pain Quotidien
Spuistraat 266 hs, 1012 VW Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Had two of these in the doors bar, white death, legged it outside and threw up.

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Used to live in Haarlem, could be a nice break if AMS is too much.
I would stay in AMS if you have 3-4 days only.

Hate the expensive train tickets to get there, EUR 31.90 for 3 adults plus 1 kid (up to 11).
If you buy tickets, you should choose electronic tickets, physical ones cost EUR 1 each more.
Almost all train stations are only accessible if you have a ticket.
PS: will be fuzzy if you have 1 smartphone and 4 persons, easier if each have their own access. Never did electronic tickets, I guess it’s a QR code for each ticket.

A must see is the Frans Hals museum. Like Rembrandt, he also painted the schutters (defence militia), but in much brighter colours.

When in Haarlem, you should also visit the Teylers Museum, it is the oldest museum in NL.
Quite small, but the building only is worth the visit.


Review in ‘what are you watching’, sil vous plait.

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It gets a thumbs up from Bono

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Have done, will book the 5d porno too

Reporting back:

Good time had by all - weather good apart from torrential rain on our three hour cycle tour​:thinking::anguished: we’d booked Rijksmuseum anyway and that was great - turns out the Vermeer is totally sold out and Van Gogh for next two weeks too - City crazy busy.

As expected everywhere busy but we ate well Kam Yin day one (good value, tasty) a brilliant Italian day two, Pacioccone off Koggestraat and a truly fantastic Chinese, Sea Palace on a boat.

Finally, went to the swing on top of A’dam lookout - fairly fucking terrifying but I gave nothing of my terror away.

And no drugs or ho’s…although my 11 yr old daughter couldn’t wait to tell her friends about the prostitutes ‘no not naked, in leotards…in a window!’