AN On blast


Oof! Not happy and quite rightly so.

One of my many Bad Decisions was deciding to be an AN dealer. It was the worst decision of all of them. Worse even the than the Grande Catastrophe of becoming dealerscum in the first place.

I had problems with a number of different hifi companies at different levels, but AN was on a WHOLE different level. All of the bad things you have heard about them are true. All of them.

For the sake of occasional users of this place who were affected I can’t give more details, but nothing about the above surprises me in the slightest. Drop in the ocean.

What a shocker, I never thought that PQ would use bullshit in his marketing stuff :joy: :joy: :joy:

I’ve never rated the AN/e in whatever flavour I’ve heard (or owned) and even though the AN/J SPe Hemp and AN/K Spe I had were very very good the use of birch ply lost some of the fun the thinner Snell ones have.

I’m currently listening to Snell J/II with an AI300 and it’s fantastic :slight_smile:


I keep looking at a pair of oak J/II that Emporium have - they say they have been refoamed and sound great but can they be trusted?

Photos aren’t great (SOP for emporium) but Nick is reasonable with returns, I’d ask if you can demo them first.

PS I wouldn’t touch the other ones he’s selling unless AN did the work and altered the crossovers when they replaced the drivers

Of course OMA’s marketing is entirely free of bullshit! Having said that I fully agree re Audionote’s specs both for the speakers and for the amps, optimistic would be the diplomatic term, total bollocks more accurate!

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+what Leb said I’d say deal direct with Emporium rather than thru ebay - more helpful and more haggle-able :ok_hand:

That’s the truth! Tad short sighted of AN to plagiarize a rather vocal ex journo / documentary maker

The Snell K, J/II, E/II etc were fantastic speakers. Difficult to find perfectly representative examples now given how the drivers were initially selected and the crossovers then adjusted to keep them all in spec & indistinguishable from one another. I can’t really believe any re-foamed version would do it perfectly although I think they can be close.

The AN speakers with their undoped cones and, from the outset, a pursuit of higher sensitivity are something else entirely and besides the dimensional similarities, have very little in common with the Snells. Liking them, or not, is entirely a matter of taste.