Android phone reset


He’s had it since September when he started secondary and there’s been no problem.


Our policy with smartphones is that we share everything - we all share location, and know each others’ lock patterns.


We and the Mrs do that. I’ll have a word with daughter No 1 and suggest they do it too.


They wil need that to see what sort of porn he is watching in the next year or so :grinning:


We’ve had that chat :+1:

Daughter is divorced so I had to do it. His layabout (I’m being polite) father is nowhere to be seen.


My brother in law used to turn on his daughter’s iPhone location sharing without her knowing. She would always suss it out, and be furious with him (rightly so IMO). We are all open with it - parents share location as well as kids, so it’s a mutual thing, not us watching them. Works so far, although he’s still not quite 12, so not too naughty yet!


Absolutely no way would I have had location sharing on when I was a teenager.
Although talking to some parents at work they say their kids all have it on as they use it to find where their friends are for meeting up etc.



The reason the phone wouldn’t accept the new gmail password I setup via the PC is that part of the security ‘feature’ is one has to now wait 72 hours before logging in to the phone. The guy in the Tesco phone shop was very helpful this morning. I reset the password again and will now wait until Friday lunchtime until I try getting into the phone.


Last update:

After waiting 72hrs it still didn’t work FFS. I went back to the Tesco phone shop where the fella tried some more. After another 1 1/2 hours he put it through insurance for a replacement. It arrived yesterday.

All sorted and working again.

What a fucking carry on!


How on earth did your grandson survive nearly a fortnight without a mobile phone?


That gif is surprisingly accurate…