Android phone reset

My 12 year old grandson forgot his password so reset his phone thinking he could start again.

After going round all the houses for hours I can’t sort it which annoys me greatly. I’ve done a 3 fingered salute reset including cache.

It comes back each time knowing the phone has been reset so login with previous details. I understand the security logic here but there has to be a way past this. We went into his Gmail account and reset his password but the phone says not recognised.

Any pointers please.

Sorry, should have been in Computers and Tech - I’m stressed!

Any chance he had activated, find my mobile, on his phone?

No, pretty sure not

What are you actually trying to do? It’s not very clear…

I’m calming down slowly…

He forgot his password so thought it’d be a good idea to do a reset. Of course it comes back asking for the last login details which he doesn’t know.

Starting the phone shop fresh would be a good idea

Use the Google find device to reset the device completely? Sign into Google on a web page, find my device, and reset the right one.

I’ll try that.

I’m giving it half an hour more then I’m taking it to Tesco tomorrow where it was bought.

What will Tesco do? Put some cheese on it and grill it?

There will be a small independent shop somewhere that will fix it for a tenner. Next time write the fucking password on an email and send it to yourself and file it under your kids name in your email files.

Or register your phone, with " Find my phone". I bet he will lose it, or misplace as well.
I have used it. It works, for both finding it, and resetting it. ( Without password!)

Still not clear what you’re trying to do? Reset phone? Reset google password? Something else?

Sounds like the user pin code to unlock the screen for use has been forgotten.

A user rest wont solve that, otherwise whats the point of a security code?

Can I do a not like and don’t be fucking sarcy please. Not helpful

Once it’s sorted I will, ta

Pretty much anything that will get access back.

I’ve spent time on Google and YouTube. There’s a reset protection ‘feature’ which means that even after a reset it wants you to log back in with the previous details. They’ve been lost or forgotten.

I’ve reset his Gmail password but for some reason that I can’t work out the phone is not accepting that. I’ll see what the provider says tomorrow - and not some 17 year old spotty kid in a phone shop thank you.

Exactly Graham. I’ve given up now and I’ll take it to the supplier tomorrow, it’s still under warranty.

Ugh, dunno. You should be able to factory reset and set the phone up again from scratch.

Agreed. From what I’ve read that SHOULD work but it doesn’t.

I’m done, I’ve spent enough time on it.


It’ll get sorted.

It’s his first phone, he’s 12 in a few days. He’s been fine with it so far.

This will be a learning experience I’m sure.


if he’s anything like my nephew he’'d have lost it in the first few weeks

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