Antivirus packages

What is the best package to use?
I have been using Kaspersky, for a few years.
I have had no problems, but just checking if it is worth changing.

I’ve recently moved from Avast to Bitdefender as I was getting annoyed with their spammy notifications.

No complaints with the actual antivirus functionality of it, though.

Is it for Win10? if so Defender is a very good AV product, it depends if you want more than just AV like malware etc.

Kaspersky total is the one I tend to use and has pretty much all the functionality needed for the home.

I just use the built-in windows one, tis fine

I’ve seen on the news that you can get an injection for this now.

Might help me ( I damn well hope so), but not much help for the computer.

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Malwarebytes premium here.

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Defender all the way

As we are on office 365 we don’t bother with antivirus , my wife keeps thinking she should for her business so very interested in opinions on what you get that improves on the 365 antivirus, 3 years in and no issues so far

If we should get one happy to do so but concerned it will cause more problems than it will solve

I been using Eset Internet Security for many years.