Any AA members in the North Wales area?

We recently moved from Aberdeen down to Llandudno (thank fuck :hugs:slight_smile:

I was wondering if there were any members located over in the NW of Wales? I enjoyed weekend beer and music sessions with a few audio mates found through that forum that shall not be named. While I am speakerless at the moment and starting to suffer withdrawls, I thought it time to see if there are any locals on the AA.

Cheers mondie

Used to live in Wrexham and my parents are still based there so I visit about once per year

Broseley, Shropshire (other side of Shrewsbury) so not that far away.

Statistically speaking, you’re looking for

Dylan Jones
Rhys Davies
Gethin Morgan

and, I think they’ve all been banned for one reason or another.

Should have stayed in Aberdeen, you could have had a trip up here :stuck_out_tongue:


Me, Llanberisish.
I have speakers…

You’ll find that the Scousers and Cheshire-ites are pretty close too.

Excellent seems there are a couple around. Liverpool isn’t that far away…not that i have ever been. A bit more familiar with Manchester and would happily travel that distance for a bake-off, provided I got the nod. No bake-offs here for a while thoughunless you lot just want to sit around staring at packing boxes and listening to tunes through an iPhone. I expect to be living in a speakerless state until at least March. :scream:


Mainly for being Welsh


You’ll need one of these.

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Get to fuck with that dated shite Bob and take your stainless steel and marble false teeth with you while you’re at it.


I’m in Liverpool and am not a Scouser. I am technically Strayan


^^even the Scousers don’t want to be Scousers


This from somebody from Brizzle? The fucking cheek!

@Jim wants to be a scouser. If only he wasn’t actually a southerner. :joy:


I am from Bristol too, grew up in Fishponds.

Last time I visited Liverpool they were still coveting the neighbours wheelie bin.

I’m not anywhere near Wales unfortunately… but even if I was, I couldn’t, as on holiday.

Just pm Guy for my current location. :slight_smile: In fact just pm for anyones location.

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Yep, I’m like an inter-city trans gender. On the outside I’m a soft bellied southern cunt, but inside, I yearn to be a true and proper Liverpudlian.


Erm, calm down…

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If you get bored of the iPhone, you are welcome to pop over to me for an evening. I am based in Hartford Cheshire.

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you are always welcome in brum !! mind you it is the car crash scam capital of britain so take care !!!

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