Any cons to buying spare turntable motor?

After finally getting a turntable I want to try and keep it going well into the future. So, planning ahead, would there be any cons in buying a spare motor - will it be a bad idea to have it sitting around unused for years?

What kind of motor did they use? Not that it would necessarily affect storing a spare.

Not sure but I can look it up. The seller gave me a manual and some reviews and stuff. Mark V uses AC synchronous motor but mine is older than that.

I will check anyway, I know nothing about this stuff. It’s just that Basis mentioned the price of a motor so I thought it might be a good idea, along with a belt.

Before investing in spares, live with it for 3 months and make sure it’s a keeper.


Yes, good advice. I always get ahead of myself but I’m usually happy with stuff as long as it works.

Won’t be buying any spares right away but was just thinking about it really, after finding out they were available. I need a tonearm first and a SUT and a phono :slight_smile: