Any pig experts?

Keep walking past this pig on the back of a huge estate on my walks. Looks pretty unloved and in bad shape, but I have no idea if it really is or that’s just what it should look like?

The nails seem too long, I couldn’t get a picture of it’s back right leg as those nails are seriously long.

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Loads of pig experts on here, not so much with live ones though.

Can’t see too much from that picture, but if you have any more maybe share with RSPCA to get their opinion.

Hard to say even with close ups. The only reliable test for pig health is wrestling, if you win it’s probably old / unwell if you loose it’s probably OK.

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Don’t think you’ll get much help on here with unloved pork :smirk:

Any lingering concerns perhaps call the RSPCA and they will send one of their inspectors out to assess the animal, they may then approach the owner of the land, they have the power to remove the animal to a place of safety for treatment.

I think it might just be old. Pigs are foraging animals and do dig, they use their tusks and feet so they can have long claws naturally. If the ground is soft they don’t wear away so much.

Before he got ill, my brother was building up a decent herd of rare breed pigs, but obviously had to stop as his cancer progressed. He kept a couple as sort of pets, and as they got old they did look quite scruffy. I could ask him to have a look at the pic If you want?

Excellent thanks everyone will go by tomorrow am and take some better pics and send it to the rspca. Considering the estate is owned by a private banker you would hope they were spending out to keep the animals healthy. Let’s see

Maybe these could offer some advice.

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