Any reasons to not buy a G1042

Need a new cartridge, all I have is a mono one currently. For now I’m happy to not spend a lot because I’d rather concentrate on playing about with speakers. £250 for a new G1042 seems sensible enough. thoughts?

Bought one


Its an MM which is baaaad, MC supposedly better as it does the high end without the use of resonance.

The AT VM95ML or SH are worth a look if going for an MM and are cheaper.

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1042 is a good MM cart
Can’t go wrong with it really


If you like fulsome, virtuous cartridges then they are fine. I like tarts, I would have bought a Decca,


Strangely excited by the prospect.

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Tis’ a low rider.

What sort of Decca?

For £250 ???

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They will sell you the Super Gold for £500, I think they’re like Audio Note where you get get something for your budget whatever it is.

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Useful to know.

I suppose it’s an itch I’ll have to scratch at some point.

I think that if I had an Io Gold with appropriate SU then I might not need to scratch it. If I had a 3-figure budget then it would seem obvious.

I don’t imagine for a moment it will rival my Io Gold, just something a bit different.

Deccas are great. I don’t believe that JW will sell a super gold for £500 though. He might let golds go at that price but not the super.

Probably would have bought one for 500 quid. Plsy well with a Hadcock wouldnt it?

You might be right, it was a 2009 thread, but that was the price then.


They have gone up quite a lot. I think even the maroon is listed nearly £500. Nice fun carts though.

Maroon was over 700 quid when I investigated last week.