Anybody got an Auralic Aries Mini they don't want?

I want to at least start trying to crack this streaming lark this year and this looks a pretty good place to start.

In this season of joy and good will to all men, has anybody got one spare they would be willing to part with ?

Thanks in advance.

One of the great things about the Mini is the 2.5” hard drive slot in the bottom. If you need an SSD to store your ripped CD’s on let me know as I have several lying around.
I even have one already set up for the Mini (I now use an Aries) with all my ripped CD’s on if you want to get into some proper music.:exploding_head:

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Cheers Paul, if I can pick up a Mini I might take you up on that :+1:

Thoughts on mini v Aries Paul?

Well the Aries Femto is only a streaming transport, i.e it needs a seperate DAC whereas the Mini has a very decent dac built in, though it can also be used as a digital transport. You can’t put a hard drive inside the Aries either.

As a transport the Aries is better than the Mini, bit more clarity and air (more hi-fi’?) - but only by a small margin.

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Thanks Paul, like the Auralic stuff but I’m too tight to pay for the new models, S/H Aries into my current DAC would seem like good value.

I have an Sotm sms200 for sale. Roon ready, need a separate dac and an Ethernet connection from your pc but an excellent piece of kit.

Aries Mini is great, as a streamer and server. Love mine

I can confirm that these are nifty bits of kit- I use one as a Roon Endpoint but they can be used as Minim Servers too. Effectively, it turns any USB DAC into a streamer;

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Hi Keith,

I assume that this isn’t a Neo ?

How much would you be asking for it ?


OK, hold that Keith.

Reading up some more on these and the consensus is that they are definitely not for network audio beginners. Network Audio doesn’t have anybody more beginner than me, so not a good start point I feel.

Also, looks like I may already be running into problems with the Aries Mini, as it doesn’t have an Android control App, seriously !!

Yep, that’s how I use it as a Roon endpoint but there are other options.
@MJ2 it is really not that difficult and the proof is I managed it🤣!
Ethernet cable from PC to sms200 and then USB cable from sms200 to your dac. Sms200 powered from a wallwart switch it on, Google My Eunhasu, open it and it will find your device. Sms200 also has two usb slots on the back to connect local storage like a ssd.
SotM do some really fooey stuff like cables and switches but this is a good device.
Not the Neo version.

Rando question- whereabouts are you?

Lovely Luton - J10, M1

Well, I’m in MK. I can make the- possibly rash- promise that I can make an SOtM work in your house provided it has internet and something that can reliably identified as a sever. Or you can come and have a look at how mine works.

Rash is a good word :slight_smile:

The server would be my Laptop (?). If it’s as easy as you say, even I should be able to do it :confused:

Have PM’d you.

Just to say that you haven’t unless you’ve put a 2nd class stamp on it.

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That was a while ago Ed; you’ve already replied to it :slight_smile: