Anybody want 2 months free roon?

If you do, I have a code that I can ping across to you.

I only have the one.

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That would be cool Mike, I have just moved to Tidal

On its way keV :+1:

Thank you :grin:

Perfect timing,
I was faffing around trying to get everything set up, got the laptop recognised but couldn’t (and still can’t get Roon to see my NAS) then started looking at how to connect to my streamer.
All the searches I did said that the CA 851N wasn’t compatible with Roon without a lot of faff.

I then checked the 851N settings and found one called ‘Roon Ready’ and I am all set up, (apart from the NAS).
Turns out that the 851N was made Roon Ready about 4 weeks ago.
I installed an update last week and there it was! Wondered why I hadn’t seen it when I set up the 851N originally.

As I said perfect timing! :grin:

I will ask on the Roon thread tomorrow about the NAS