Anyone fancy a project?

Just a quick polish up will sort that👌

Cant open that at mo, what Jag is it? E Type?

XK150 I think, from the remaining features of the nose and the one-piece screen

Edit: confirmed as an XK150 S 3.8 drophead coupe

Nice, lovely motor


120 for me though please


or for a mere 5 million


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Is the D-type the greatest looking car of all time?


Way too many beautiful cars to put one in front, Ferrari Lusso would find a space in my bed!


One of my favourite cars of all time is the Michelotti bodied D-Type;

It was built on the chassis of XKD513 that crashed at Le Mans in 1958. The value of D-Types being what they are now, XKD513 is now a D-Type again and the bodywork sits on a shortened Series 1 E-Type chassis. It’s a shame because, as you can imagine with race car running gear, it was biblically fast.

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