Anyone got a US shipping address I can use?

I’m about to bid on a reel to reel tape, it’s in California, but the seller will only ship within the contiguous US.

Obvs I’ll cover all the shipping costs (it would be nice if the us-uk leg somehow didn’t attract the attention of the excise man…).

I’m off out there in August.


That would be extremely convenient…

Only if he actually gives you the thing when he gets back

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I have to win the bloody thing first.

That’s a long drive….

Remember that ebay needs to ship to purchaser’s address so would need buyer to be in the US.

I’ve definitely had stuff delivered to a hotel in NY that my mate was staying in before now?

I’m probably wrong but thought the seller is only protected if they ship to buyer’s ebay address.

I think you need to sort it through messages, and they need to send you an invoice via PayPal. The guy is happy to ship to Florida, just need to work out how I don’t have to pay all the international shipping gubbins. @edd9000 any ideas?

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Usually calculates all that when you put in the shipping address.

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You’re welcome to have it shipped here (Nova Scotia) if that helps - right continent, but across the border from the US so some customs charges may still apply… unless the seller really means USA only.

Cheers Nick, that’s much appreciated, but hopefully I’m sorted now, providing my offer is accepted.

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Well, many thanks to Edd, hopefully my holy grail R2R tape is on its way to me.

@crimsondonkey it’s all your fault, you twat.


Which tape was it?

The Doors ‘LA Woman’

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