Anyone have a car for sale?

My Mitsubishi Spacegear is looking uneconomical to MOT, and I need to stay on the road. It’s a long-shot, but I thought maybe someone on here has some vehicle they don’t need/want shot-of. Ideally an estate or something with a roof-rack, or a van, even. Preferably reasonable fuel economy, though after what I’ve been driving for the last 3 years, anything is economical. Budget = laughable.

Just a thought, worth asking etc…

Sorry nick you could have had my old focus estate but i scrapped it a couple of weeks ago

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Aargh! Oh well

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Might have to be downsizing our merriva in a week or 2 as just got an unexpected council tax demand today

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Fiat Croma Eleganza 2.2 £760 Autotrader.

Not to expensive I hope.

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Great car , highly recommended

This is one you are selling?

No. But I thought it’s would suit your needs.

Ah ok. It s not a bad suggestion at all, reading about it. It does look like the back doesn’t fold down flat, which I always think is a stupid design omission. Folds down, but with a step, so not one big flat surface.

Italian design is Italian.

Might also make sleeping in it tricky.


Exactly this. Not that I’m often sleeping in a vehicle, but occasionally it’s handy to be able to. I had my van parked just offsite in the staff car park last weekend at Glastonbury, under a shady oak tree, with a futon mattress in the back, and it was SO much better than lugging a tent down into the site!

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