Anyone heard a Sonos set up with a pair of Fives plus Sonos sub?

Thinking of this as a bombproof set up for the kitchen / dining space which Hel can easily stream to without faff, with the option to add further speakers in garden room.

Anyone heard 2x Fives plus their sub?

Your kitchen would have to be fucking huge to justify 5’s + sub.

I’ve got an Arc Soundbar with stereo pair of 1’s in the lounge and stereo pair of the SL 1’s in the kitchen and they are loud enough to leave in the kitchen with the french doors open for the garden.

The Play 1’s have enough bass on their own.


:point_up: this is a good post.

The sub is an enormous fartbox intended for shaking the room with an action movie.

I have a single 5 in our (galley) kitchen, but that’s kind of an accident. I would have a pair of 1s if counter space permitted.

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You might be right, but dat bass!

Would like to hear that :smile:

I used to run a pair of ones in the kitchen but replaced them with a Beam soundbar as the tinny TV sound was driving me mad.

I have a soundbar plus sub in the lounge. A five in dining room which kicks out a decent enough sound.

Ones are now in the office and are excellent.

Oh another beam in daughter’s room plus a single one in music room for listening to Radio 4 / podcasts. I might replace this with a 3 or 5 in time.

I have a pair of the original 1’s, more than fill our kitchen/diner when used as a stereo pair. How big is the kitchen?

The thing I like about them most is the family seem happy to move them around the home, so you might find you drag one into the garden room and that’s enough.