Anyone in london help with a set up?

A nice guy in London has purchased a 301 from me. He has gone on to buy a 12" Ortofon arm and SPU cart. It seems all the components are now to hand but he has no understanding of how to align / set up. Can any ‘Meatioid’ help or recommend someone?

Whereabouts in London? I may be able to help.

Not 100% sure where he lives but the unit was delivered to the West End. I’ll find out more and report back - M


“Deploying the @J_B as we speak, stand by…”

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I’m standing by :grin:

With trusty fettling tool #1

Apparently the set up is in Hackney


I was going to suggest earlier that the gentleman in London who buys a top-flight record deck but doesn’t know how to drive it might have a shovel beard and dress like a 19th century lumberjack.

This confirms it.


Sorry prob too far

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