Anyone in to astronomy?

Mrs P and I are thinking of buying a new telescope as our current one is a bit pants.
Anyone here in to stargazing?

I’ve always fancied a large dobsonian. The larger the better.

Looking at an 8" newtonian on an eq mount as I’d like to do some photo stuff.

Ah never got into the photo side of things, good steady mount with a motor drive I’d guess.

Yea, bit pricey so still thinking on it.
I think the 8" suits our interests tho.

We have a 4" at the moment but it’s cheap and tacky.

I think that best thing is to join your local astronomy group and go along and try stuff out

Yes I had a 4-5" with goto, now I have to much light pollution to bother.

Is that since Sodders moved to the area with his nocturnal ‘experiments’ ?


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No it’s always been bad where we are here, on a main road. In Florida though it was great.

Have contacted a local group. Waiting for a clear Saturday night to pop to their observatory.

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There’s a few dark sites within easy reach of us but I think most viewing will be from the garden.

Did you get something in the end?

if you are interested and are lucky enough to get a clear night the public open evenings at our observatory are ok. There are some geared up for children as well.

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Yeah I’ve been to a few of those, must book again for this winter :+1:

No, had a lot of unexpected expenses so put on hold for a while.

This looked pretty good, I thought, but I think I’d wait for retail now all the best deals are gone…

I think that is a bit dubious tbh.

It’s more than I’d pay on Kickstarter, but might be a good indication of where the market is going

It’s already available with cameras and laptop use.