Anyone involved in training, specifically NVQ/CITB?

Anyone involved in training, specifically CSCS/ NVQ/CITB? I have a problem and need some advice please.

The Wench has done a fair amount and is an NVQ assessor.

Feel free to PM and I can pass on to her.

Hi John, thanks. It’s nothing that can’t be discussed on the open forum. My situation is that I have been working as a bricklayer for 49 years, and would like to continue to do so for another few years (I am 65 in July). I started an apprenticeship, which for one reason and another I did not complete, but attended Tech. college and passed trade exam, 1st class pass. The college did not use City & Guilds but an equivalent exam board, the name of which escapes me and I cannot find my certificates, I have contacted the college and their records do not stretch back that far.
So for all intents and purposes I have no trade, I cannot obtain a CSCS card, which means I cannot work on site. I just wondered if anyone had any advice/suggestions, thanks.

It’s unlikely that the exam board will have records going back that far. It might be worth talking to a local college and seeing if there’s any sort of fast-track you can do. From what I’ve seen of some of the NVQ stuff, if it’s your area you can do all the work required in an afternoon. Not sure whether City & Guilds is likely to be the same.

Why can’t you complete the CSCS course Jon?

Do a Google search on “fast track NVQ”

is there a professional body you can join (by virtue of evidencing experience) that exempts you from the training requires.

You could ask the local colleges whether they will issue an NVQ on the basis of recognition of prior learning through experience for the purposes of accreditation?


@ J_B Just talk to them about Parliament hinges for 5 minutes and they will probably sign you up as a lecturer


I have been looking into this for someone. The CSCS card recently changed.
I know that you can get a labourer card via a one day HSE training that includes a online exam. For specific trades there is additional requirement

Thanks all for your replies. I have been recommended an NVQ course for experienced tradesmen where I can be assessed and achieve an NVQ2 in one day. The only downside is a) It’s in Thirsk b) It costs £900. I am booked in for next month.

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This is no longer allowed, sadly.

Have you tried contacting them to see if they have any records still?

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