Anyone recommend someone to look over proposed shareholder agreement?

I’ve been working hard for last 12 months to bring in another director that my current partner and I trust, to help expand the business.

We’ve drafted a shareholder agreement that reflects the mechanics of bringing him in and changes to benefits and shares etc.

I need someone independent and recommended to give it a once over to make sure I’m not missing anything important or inadvertently giving my business away! Anyone know anyone good?

Mike Yoda would be my suggestion, and ensure there are ways and means of exiting the agreement is my only recommendation.

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I would say your accountant and or your company solicitors. Although not independent they should be acting in your best interests.
Could be messy if you get it wrong and the new person doesn’t work out.

We’ve worked with the guy before and known him for 20 years so we are confident that it will work out. But all the same having a fair means of managing dispute/ exit etc needs to be clear and appropriate/ enforceable.