Anyone used Nordost Red Dawn speaker cable? (Rev.1)

I’m looking to upgrade my speaker cable as a new speaker position means my Acoustic Zen Hologram II cable is now too short to use so using some old cable I got from John Jefferies many years ago.

There’s a couple of choices out there, 3m length on ebay (£300) from that place in Essex and a 4m length (400) from Central Audio. Neither cables look to be recent examples.

Is it a good cable, and is it system dependent like a review I read mentioned?




What is wrong with it?
Is it broken?

If it is broken and you want new cables this is what I use

Other lengths and plug options are available


It’s just missing some of the definition, scale and sense of space of the Acoustic Zen cable.

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Mark grant cables.
Or any other person who can termite the usual ofc.

This is going quite well so far.



If you want a high frequency boost / emphasis then Nordost is a good choice.

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Or Focal speakers :+1:


Weren’t Nordost the ones who allegedly used a demo cd with same same track recorded several times, each at a very slightly higher level so that allegedly every time they swapped to a more expensive cable it sounded a little bit better? Asking for a friend.