APB - Budget Vinyl Front End

A friend of mine has just asked me for ideas for a budget vinyl set up for around £300. I thought I’d use the AA knowledge! Ebay listings, fruit of loft etc, etc…

I have a minty Sansui SR-222 that I would let go for £100.

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AT LP3 from Richer Sounds if he is looking at new. £219

£80 for amp and speakers might be a struggle :blush:

He has an amp and speakers. :+1:

Ok, I misunderstood :grin:

In that case I have a Systemdek llx with a Grace G840 arm for £300.


Sorry, no dealers. j/k

Lovely, that.



I need to thin the collection a bit - will suggest something when I get back from today’s walk.

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Or left field-French


Systemdek or the atlp5
Though the audio technica one I had didn’t like an mc cart on it

Seems like a good deal, that.

Do you know whether he wants manual, semi auto or full auto, rim, belt or direct drive?
I have too many decks here and need to sell:

Systemdek Transcription with Rega/Acos R200 (belt drive manual, very good sound but must have a solid shelf because of soft suspension)

Revolver with Alphason Delta tonearm (belt drive manual, lightweight buts sounds decent)

JVC QL-7 with JVC UA5045 tonearm (quartz lock direct drive manual, good sound, easier to cue than Sysdek)

Sony PSX-600 (quartz lock direct drive automatic with Biotracer tonearm)

All within budget (Revolver cheapest then Sony, Sysdek and JVC) and will include starter cartridge with each. Let me know if you are interested in one and I’ll dig it out and check it over.

There’s also an Ariston RD11s with SME 3, but that would be a bit over budget.


Some nice decks there for the money Dave. :+1:

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Watching with interest and temptation, some nice decks there


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Thank you Dave (and everyone), have sent him your list and the other examples in the thread!


That will be a ‘blind me with science’ moment if he doesn’t know much about TTs :grinning: