Apple Mac mini X 2 and other bits

Been having a bit of clear out of stuff I should have sold ages ago but didn’t.

  1. Apple Mac mini Mid 2011 2.5 i5 500mb SATA disk and 6gb upgraded from standard 4gb. Model MC816*/A. Factory defaulted to the latest OS it supports which is High Sierra. All working except for two of the four USB ports. Been like that for ages without issue. Make a good streaming source.

Looking for just £50 posted. Don’t have original box but will package well.

  1. Apple Mac mini late 2014 2.5 i5 1tb SATA disk and 8gb of ram. Model MGEN2*/A factory defaulted to the current macOS Monterey 12.1 All working without issue and would make a reasonable daily computer.

Looking for £150 posted and do have the original box. SOLD

Finally I have the following Mac keyboards and trackpads.

Magic keyboard (takes two AA batteries). A1314 £15 posted SOLD
Magic Trackpad (takes two AA batteries) A1339 £15 posted. SOLD
Original full-size wireless keyboard (takes four AA batteries) A1016 £15 posted

will donate some money to the pot if sold on AA.

Hi can I purchase the Magic Trackpad and Majic keyboard

Hi, afraid the trackpad has gone. Sorry about that but you can take the Keyboard if still interested.

Has the Mac mini gone yet £150 one ?

No thats still available.

Can I buy that as well as the magic …please advise me on payment details …BR Micky

Yes you can. Will PM :+1:

All gone.