Are projectors better than TVs?

OLEDs, QLEDs, LCDs, it’s all so confusing. Would spending a comparable sum of money to a good TV (so maybe a few k?) on a projector yield as good or better results? I remember reading once that projectors gave the best home cinema experience but maybe that’s only if you spend many thousands on one.

Also, can you play consoles like Xbox or PS on them?

I don’t especially know where TVs are at these days, but I’m regularly in the houses of friends who have huge expensive ones, and I never see anything to make me feel I would want to use a TV as my primary viewing medium. My neighbour is a total AV nerd, and he recently got some immense TV that he reckons is some kind of state-of-the-art thing. I find it horrendous to watch. Just all glare and the wrong kind of visual intensity. A good projector is in a totally different league, IMO. I can’t really explain why, except that it’s just a much more satisfying image quality. I do have a good projector, which cost a few grand new, but I got lucky and got it for peanuts, secondhand, and it’s given me years of reliable service. Clean the filter occasionally, and that’s it.

Short answer: Yes.

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paging @Jac-Hawk

Projector every time for me. Just upgraded to a 100” wide screen (120” diagonal)

I play Xbox on mine but I don’t play the likes of COD etc so refresh rates etc are not an issue.