Armchair politics


I see JC was calling for Party unity at the Scottish Labour Conference because a divided party is unelectable.

Now how is it spelt again?




Ah fuck it, it’s too cheap a shot.


The impression I get is that almost nobody up here gives a toss about this pair of clowns. I’d be shocked if there was any kind of significant upturn in Labour’s fortunes in Scotland any time soon.


Marr’s guests this morning - Jeremy Hunt, David Davies and John McDonnell



This is a direct quote from Grace Blakely, 25 year old, Oxbridge educated Corbyn fangirl who spent most of yesterday being catty about Jess Phillips.




Not as surprised as David Cameron was.


His mirrored reflection surprises that idiot.


I like Varoufakis, he is capable of conceiving and explaining a clear vision for a progressive agenda without the usual “start from scratch” nonsense.



An interesting development in the Lab Party


Reminding everyone he is still around.

Boris Johnson: Cash Spent On Sex Abuse Investigations Was ‘Spaffed Up The Wall’


Didn’t he spaff £50m into the Thames?


I had to smile at the reply to Sturgeon’s tweet

It’s not new in Scotland - @ scotgov has already implemented. # periodpoverty

Hiv ye no goat a job to do missus ? Spending aw day on Twitter like yon trump balloon…


£53M I believe it was


That was just the bridge, don’t forget the illegal water cannons that he bought!, although that was a mere £300K


Still a long way behind Grayling when it comes to world class spaffing.


Can we apply to have it made an event in the Olympics?

Guaranteed Gold, no question.


Can a Department take part? If so, I think Gold is already taken :slight_smile:


If accepted, there will be individual, departmental and nationwide categories. Plenty of opportunities for all tossers to demonstrate their prowess.


Excellent, I’ll take a bit of a Gold as a team award.