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Jacob Rees-Mogg on breakfast TV this morning,

I’d fuckin love to punch out the lights of that sanctimonious cunt…


Isn’t that the name of his new born?


Wasn’t there an Edinburgh Fringe stand-up joke that went

We have two kids, 5 and 6. We’re not very good at names in our house.

NO Jacob, it was A JOKE !


Another Tory that has yet to have any responsibility being touted by the far right as the next Tory leader. God help them if he gets to be leader, as he stands for anti-abortion, anti-gay, and all sorts of other crap.

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but he doesn’t though, does he…he just fully supports the beliefs of the Catholic Church…:roll_eyes:

I liked that The Economist referred to him as a “Pantomime Toff”. :grinning:


Great choice the Tories have, Batty Boris or some mad fucker stuck in a timewarp with 6 kids.


I’d suggest that Rees-Mogg really doesn’t want to be leader having made clear his views on abortion & gay marriage. He’d be aware exactly how difficult a sell such beliefs would be in C21 Britain.


We can only hope.

Yeah really, that is why he has been doing the rounds of the Tory press over the last month. He is positioning himself for a ministers job in the next re-shuffle and then to run for leader when the Tories realise May is a dead duck.

There has been more than a few unelectable politicians elected recently.

Indeed, but given the series of catastrophic strategic decisions the Tories have made since 2010 I guess that choosing JRM as leader would just be following a natural progression.

It’s a pity Labour and the Lib Dems can’t find anyone sufficiently moderate to capitalise on 7 years of catastrophe.


I think Corbyn would if given another chance. It was just too big a leap in May but now? I think so.

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I don’t.


When Corbyn was elected leader of of the PLP it was touted as the best possible result for the Tories.
It hasn’t quite worked out that way.
However JR-M as Tory leader could well be the best result possible for the Labour Party.


Maybe it has ? The Tories were so dire in the election campaign that if Labour had been able to find someone with sufficient credibility that their own MPs would support them then perhaps they might have won.

As for Corbyn winning at a second try, that might well depend on how far up the learning curve the much-touted youth vote has managed to get. As noobs on the political scene they might be forgiven for having been confused by Corbyn’s position on tuition fees. But when he came out and clarified it (after the vote, of course) they might just have felt they’d been misled.


If may,Johnson,mini moog or davies stand at the next election,corbyn is in.

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