Armchair politics


I’ll bet he’s not as proficient at mounting a cartridge as his step-father though :wink:


That’s not something that can be learnt Jim. :grinning:


Trial and error and error?


More like trial and jumper :rofl:




Weren’t ready for the referendum and its result either.

Maybe their mantra should be “we’re incompetent, but we inherited that from the last government”?


I sometimes go shopping,then realise i wasn’t ready,as i only have my y fronts on.
Bloody hate it when that happens.


She made her message perfectly clear and people understood. They are a bunch of Torys cunts which is why they didn’t win.


I hope they were strong and stable…


Is why I’m predisposed to think that everything that Momentum activists spout is utter fucking garbage? :roll_eyes:


Anyone called “Zarb-Cousin” needs a bloody good shoeing before we go anywhere near politics or trendy terminology.


That was the idea, but much like May you were visibly lacking support.



Only another 90mis before the delightful anne become there new leader




I suspect with the average abattoirist’s wardrobe May won’t be the only one to have dropped a bollock…


They have gone for the well known politician,Henry bolton


Why am I not surprised that this is being held in Torquay? I suppose Clacton and Southend were booked out by the BNP and ENL as they seem like the obvious alternatives.


Torquay? Are they having it in Fawlty Towers? The Major would probably be a UKIP voter but they would have to deport Manuel.