Armchair politics


A good effort by Corbyn, Abbot, Lammy & Yvette Cooper in holding this government to account. But of course we mustn’t forget that there’s no effective opposition.


In that order ?



Chronologically it probably should be Lammy, Corbyn, Abbot & Cooper.


and the leak source, first


To be fair to Corbyn & Abbott, they were pointing out the flaws & pitfalls of the immigration bill back in 2014 but no one was paying much attention then. They are now.


Is this where we peel back your sarcasm onion and you’re suggesting they are an effective opposition?

Because lmfao, if so.


I would love a sarcasm onion. My radish of disbelief has lost its crunch when it comes to the Goverment, but sadly my leek of optimism about the Opposition has wilted in the unhygienic fridge drawer of my cynicism, bitterness and angst.


2014 or twenty thousandy four hundredteen


I have been ‘power stancing’ since I got home to see if Mrs. MWS would bow to my opinion…

Whilst it feels good in a John Wayne kind of way, I’ve not noted an upsurge in the obeying department.


Looks pretty fuckin’ stupid, if you ask me.


I must admit that I did the same when I heard news of Rudd’s resignation last night. It was made all the sweeter by recalling Michael Gove’s impassioned defence of her earlier in the day.

Minister dislodged & rightly so. Job done. Good riddance.


Behold the Cabbage Of Despair (on the left)


That will be the same Gove who said he would support Johnson in the last Tory leadership race then stood against him. I doubt even he believes what he says.




Stop avoiding the question. You sound like a Tory minister.


Govt got another booting from the Lords. Reaping the whirlwind here.


You plainly don’t. I disagree. If I could be arsed I’d run off and google the various U turns this government has had to make over the past 12 months, but you’re perfectly capable of looking them up for yourself if you were so minded. I doubt any of the four ministers to have resigned would have done so either had they not had their feet held to the fire in the commons.


Arlene is building up to a huge hissy fit over the border and there is an election to look forward to and the Windrush won’t go away quietly. Surprisingly, I find that I can deal with Theresa’s discomfort with casual indifference alone.


For me it’s a simple pub quiz question, Guy.

Q: Why isn’t HM Opposition not 20 points ahead of the worst shower ever in the polls?

A: They’re shite.


I’m sure the relentless Corbyn is a Czech spy, raging anti-semite, commie, Putin buddy, friend of terrorists, pacifist peacenik etc etc fear mongering carried by almost all newspapers, Sky & the BBC has had some effect. The establishment really doesnt want him anywhere near the reins of power. I really hope there’s another GE asap but in the meantime let’s see how level pegging in the polls plays out on Thursday.