Arrange and rename music library

The music storage on my NAS is in a right mess, lots of random names and just generally disorganised. Unless I drill down to the individual tracks I have no idea what the artist/album is from the folder name.

Is there an app that can scan the music files and then either rename the folders and/or organise them all into a folder structure like artist > album > tracks

Yes, MusicBee amongst others.

Create a library at the top of wherever you store music. Add everything to the library.

This setting


will re-organise stuff into your prescribed structure (and show you what it will do beforehand).

I organise as

Where the exact directory / file name is

<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Disc-Track#> <Title>

After that if you change tags it will move things around automatically, and if you add stuff it will move it into your directory structure.


Hope that makes sense.

I think MusicBee is the tits, if it wasn’t obvious.

cheers, looks perfect will give it a try.

Have factory reset the Zen and re-importing the library and that seems to be importing 16/44 into a decent folder structure but is having a few issues with hi-res stuff

Once that has done a basic job I’ll copy it all back to the NAS and use musicbee to tidy it up

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I should have mentioned that after organisation, the workflow for moving things into your library is to drop them somewhere on your PC

File → Scan Folders for New Files

and scan wherever you’ve dropped them. After that you can opt either to just “add” in which case they’ll be moved onto your NAS, or you can “add to Inbox”

This is a kind of quarantine area - they’ll be left where they are, you can fix up broken / missing tags, and then you can send them to the library, at which point they’ll be moved.


You can also use MP3Tag for this, it works very well.

But the main thing is, as Guy says, to have a “ToTag” folder and a “Tagged” one (that’s what mine are called). Everything starts in the former, MP3Tag opens this, you do any necessary fuckery with the tags, and then MP3Tag exports it to the Tagged folder.