Arrival (Excellent cerebral sci-fi)

Just saw this at the Vue cinema in Exeter, a couple of nights ago. Wow, fantastic film. I won’t say too much, as I don’t want to post spoilers, but if you like intelligent sci-fi, then this is for you.


It mostly gets good reviews, and I’m certainly planning on seeing it.

It also looks like something that’s worth seeing on the big screen, rather than waiting for the DVD :thumbsup:

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Yes I liked it, a thinking mans sci-fi.

Yeah although it is more plot than sfx-driven, I still reckon it is worth seeing on a big screen. It is beautifully shot, and there’s a sense of scale that you would miss on smaller screens.

I’m glad it’s good, as I fancy seeing this in the next few days. Is there anything inappropriate for a fairly mature 11yo? My youngest is well into this kind of sci-fi (she claims to understand Interstellar…).

Have you searched her room for drugs?

Nothing inappropriate no. She’ll love it.

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It’s such a shit hole I doubt she could find them even if there were some in there.

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Excellent, thanks for that.

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Saw this tonight with Lauren. We both thought it was superb, Lauren was transfixed with it. Very thought provoking, beautifully shot and well acted.

I agree that it’s a treat to see this on the big screen rather than on a TV, it really does give a sense of scale to the ships.

Great stuff.

OST. Has. Bass. So, so deep. Fuck.

Must see film now.

Saw this yesterday. The camerawork is great and a big screen is definitely the place to see it. The basic thesis (we and space aliens won’t understand one another, at least initially) is spot on too. It didn’t press all the buttons for me - but I am slow, so I didn’t pick the plot up completely (unlike Mrs VB, who had no trouble with it). And I’m always wary of what feels like a US world-view, which is that the earth’s international tensions could be solved trivially if we all just talked more, as Americans do (I fear reality is actually more complex than that). All that said, I did enjoy it and would recommend it :+1:.


Went to see this eve with mr Dismal.

I really enjoyed it, despite some ‘Team America’ type crap.

Disappointing. Some squid-a-likes arrive from outer space with communication problems. And, not much else. I wasn’t expecting the usual ‘mericans kick some alien butt but I would have liked more than a discussion of linguistics. Which is pretty much all this film delivers. Also, these aliens can see 3000 years into the future and defeat gravity but it’s up to us to do all the language translation? Don’t think so.

The helicopters flying toward the alien ‘segment’ looked good.