Au revoir, Daft Punk


I don’t ‘like’ this in the approved sense. Daft Punk, Cassius and Air moved electronica along and took it to new places. Their obsessive attention to production and studiocraft spurred the whole genre to do better and they served as a jumping off point for me to a whole world of less well known artists. With one gone, one officially over and one on indefinite hiatus, it very much feels like the end of an era today.



Get Lucky was 2013!?

Where has my life gone.

RAM was a work of genius.

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I saw them DJ at Homelands festival in 1999 I think. They were on a stage reserved for the American heavyweight djs- Sneak, Doc Martin and Roger Sanchez (The S Man), who were all at he height of their powers at that point. I approached them as being the warm up djs and that they were not going to be the same calibre as what would follow. I underestimated them as they were superb and were by no means outclassed by what followed (which was again superb).

Perhaps, but an inconsistent one. There are some sublime tracks on that album but also one or two that are so bad that make me feel nauseous. I almost never put the LP on as I have to get up and cue past them.

When they’re good they’re great, but…


I think my disappointment is not there won’t be another RAM (or even that it’s just another sign of me getting old). As you say, it’s been eight years and there’s bold, inventive and fun stuff coming out all the time. My hope was that they might do more film score and production work as a duo. TRON Legacy is one of the very best scores released this century and I’m sad it looks like being a one off.

homework and the singles before were never bettered. RAM is great pop, nothing more for me

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Still remember this and the video and how much I loved it.


Sad news.

Big fan of their stuff. Some great grooves. The two members, Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel De Homen-Christo, also did some mighty fine solo and side projects.

In my “Superstar” DJ days, I often used “One More Time” as a closing tune.


Indeed - this is THE tune of my DJ years it still gives me goosebumps even to this day.


I DJ’d at my mates house on Hogmany 1999 this was the tune leading up to the bells - fucking mental night/day :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

followed by One More Time after the bells



So, mysterious duo who last released an album about 8 years ago have “split up” m’kay…


The iron says it all

Salad Creme shenanigans?

I chose ‘One More Time’ as the closing song at our Wedding Reception, for the 15-20 of us still going, just a perfect last song!